Hello there, people call me Praveen. During available hours (apart from my regular work), I volunteer with Vignana Darshini. I did my Master’s at the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT-bbs) in Climate Science. During my stay at IIT, I worked on tropical cyclones. I secured an institute medal for best academic performance.

 Apart from my academics, I was a coordinator for a student counseling service team  (2014-2015) I also enjoyed a wonderful interstate culture on the campus with friends from various parts of the huge subcontinent, India.  Apart from taking away beautiful memories and a degree, I met my wife at IIT and managed to convince her!

After my Master’s, I moved to Germany to pursue Ph.D.  at Frankfurt university in 2016 in Climate Science. I worked on the interactions of the Indian Monsoon, Pacific, and Indian ocean. Currently, I am continuing my research as a post-doctoral research scientist at the uni,  but with a focus on Himalaya and Tibetan plateau in a warming climate. I collaborate with oxford university and ETH Zurich Switzerland.

I am a rationalist and a humanist.  I participate in promoting scientific temper through various programs organized by Vignana Darshini e.g., events such as national science day, national quiz competitions for children, etc. I do like reading books and follow Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris closely. I was in love with Cristopher Hitchens and still am, though he left us too early from this world. I reject all the tall claims made by the religionists and strongly agree with Christopher’s words  “that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”.  As a hobby, I love exploring mountains throughout the world!