T. Ramesh whom we popularly know as Janavignana Vedika Ramesh has been in front line for the last three and half decades, worked to spread awareness on human rights and scientific temper in both the Telugu States. 

In United Andhra Pradesh, he travelled across every district to spread awareness against superstitions, promoted literacy movement, women empowerment, and fought to protect social justice. He worked towards progressive change in all aspects of society. He finished his early schooling in Suryapet, Telangana, his intermediate in Thungathurthy, and graduation in Hyderabad. Since his teenage times, he took steps towards rationalism and scientific thinking. While in college, as a student leader he not only fought against superstitions but also started to spread awareness about it among his peers. During then, he also fought against police brutality in the case of a Dalit man’s lock up death. 

He was inspired by Kathi Padma Rao’s and Kana’s lectures. The literature on Telangana Rebellion moment, marxism, rationalism and science helped him to further his steps towards creating a scientific movement. While pursuing bachelor’s degree, he took a course on magic tricks and exposed those who cheat people through so called “miracles” based on superstitions. After graduation, he devoted all his time to rationalism and the human rights movement. During this, he became the general secretary of Janavignana Vedika in United Andhra Pradesh. He also served as the South India secretary for All India People’s Science Network. In the same organization he served as a national general secretary, vice president, and social justice convener. Also, he served as a member to the National Council for Science and Technology Communication – Network (NCSTC-Network). After the formation of Telangana state, he worked as the general secretary for Janavignana Vedika. 

In his journey of three and a half decades, he pursued literacy movement, rural development, and fought against black magic and witchcraft (chetabadi, banamathi) through his various awareness shows. In 2004, he travelled across 10 districts in Telangana and in 2008, in United Andhra Pradesh, he travelled about 3700 kilometers across 23 districts blindfolded on a bike to bring awareness on science and eradicate superstitions. He conducted training programs to develop scientific temper among youth. Also organized sessions on AIDS awareness and women empowerment. As a leader in Janavignana Vedika, he volunteered in various programs by government which aimed at social progress. He is very vocal in promoting scientific thinking through newspapers and electronic media.

Currently, he is organizing and conducting more such programs through Vignana Darshini which he founded and is serving as President for.