I was born in a Dalit family from John Peta a small Dalit Village where untouchables live in severe poverty.
I’m a self-taught tech support engineer by profession and a human rights activist by passion. Follower of Gautama Buddha and Dr. BR Ambedkar who inspired me to fight for human rights and the upliftment of Dalits, Minorities, and Oppressed Communities in  India.  
During my long relationship with Human Rights activists, I had learned a lot from my mistakes, and I consciously worked to rectify them.
Besides writing about my personal journey, I also write about topics of general interest that fascinate me, and my hobbies are learning new things, and watching movies. 
The Early Years
Let’s take a look back to 2015, the year I began my Human Rights activism. I was working as a Tech Support Engineer in my native country at the time. I had moved to Hyderabad after that, and becoming an ally of Dalit and Human Rights activists seemed just what I needed to bring clarity to my life.
Eventually, I started my own Tech Support business in Hyderabad and worked with Human Rights Activists to fight for the rights of oppressed people in India. That gave me a wider perspective of life and provided me with ample opportunities to learn.