COVID19 Vignana Darshini nutritional kits-2021

Vignana Darshini is distributing nutritional kits for underprivileged Covid patients in India.Already so many people lost their employment, especially daily wage workers, because of Covid crisis. Now with this fast spreading virus things are getting much worse for so many people .If you are in need of these kits, please feel free to call, number […]

Superstitions V/s Science Awareness program @ Yerragolla Pahad

Superstitions V/s Science Awareness program at Yerragolla Pahad of Janagaon, Telengana with on March 31st 2019. Team members :Ramesh Jana Vignan, Krishna Bakka, Narender Reddy, Dayakar Sheguri,Chandra Shekar, Abhishek Joshi, Nasthik Shiva, Banda Mahesh.